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Benefits of Membership

  • Participation in a Pan-American network of researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs with a shared interest in marine biotechnology.
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, electronic discussion groups, and other meetings focused on the social and economic impacts of maine biotechnology.
  • Reduced registration fees for participation in the IMBC and PAMBA-sponsored conferences.
  • Increased awareness of marine biotechnology research and commercial activities throughout the Americas and worldwide.
  • Substantially reduced subscription rate for the journal Marine Biotechnology for regular PAMBA members.
  • Facilitation for establishing collaboration with experts.
  • Identification of Pan-American partners for joint research, development, production, marketing and commercial joint ventures.
  • Opportunities to provide information and advice to governments, international organizations and other decision makers who will determine the future of marine biotechnology.
  • Representation in the planning and organization of the International Marine Biotechnology Conferences
  • Eligibility for the PAMBA Marine Biotechnology Award of Excellence.

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Membership Category

Fee ($USD)

Student (no journal) - $ 10

Basic (no journal) - $ 25

Prestige (includes journal1) - $100 (Canadian Residents add 7% tax)

Institutional (with journal) - $500

Supporting - $100

Life - 10x to 20x Basic fee, depending on age

The journal "Marine Biotechnology" is the result of a merger of the "Journal of Marine Biotechnology" and "Molecular Marine Biology and Biotechnology". The publisher is Springer-Verlag. The reduced subscription rate for regular PAMBA members is substantially less than the normal individual subscription rate.


Membership payment: 2 options
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1. Make out check or money order in $USD or $CAD, payable to PAMBA. Mail completed form and payment to:
John van der Meer
PAMBA Membership Secretary
145 Brook Street
Halifax , NS , CANADA
B3N 2A7

2. Payment by Credit Card or from Pay Pal Account: Send email to and request that the Membership Secretary send you an invoice through Pay Pal.

For questions about PAMBA please contact:

Dr. John van der Meer
PAMBA Membership Secretary
145 Brook Street
Halifax, NS, Canada
B3N 2A7

Telephone: (902) 479-3859