Since 1989, the International Marine Biotechnology Association (IMBA) has been a not-for-profit organization promoting marine biotechnology for the benefit of humanity and natural ecosystems. 


Our Mission

The IMBA works to benefit and inform students, scientists and technologists, decision-makers and industry leaders, industries and governments of the world and facilitate communication among and between practicing experts and the various affiliated marine biotechnology societies and associations.



Our vision for the 21st century is that marine biotechnology will apply advanced knowledge and tools from marine sciences, engineering, molecular biology and information technology to the understanding of marine habitats and organisms representative of the total diversity of marine systems, in order to obtain scientific information on marine life processes and ecosystems, from the whole organisms to the molecular and genetic levels, that can be turned into new products and approaches for the benefit of a wide range of industries, marine macro- and microbiota and the sustainable wise use and management of the world’s oceans.

This is a critical time for Marine Biotechnology as we grasp the opportunities and face the challenges in areas of food, energy and sustainability with nearly eight billion people on our planet. It is fitting that IMBC returns to Baltimore after 25 years and that our opening plenary is given by Rita Colwell, leading pioneer in our field of Marine Biotechnology
— Dr. Russell Hill, IMBC 2016 Conference Director

What We've Achieved

  • IMBA has successfully hosted 10 International Marine Biotechnology Conferences (IMBC's) across the globe.
  • IMBA and the IMBC have been established as the premier platforms for discussing marine biotechnology.
  • IMBA members have played a vital role in shaping policy on marine biotechnology in many countries.
  • IMBA's Board is comprised of the world's leading experts in the varied fields of marine biotechnology.